Twitter to LinkedIn router - beta

Twitli will automatically route your Twitter posts to LinkedIn. Twitli runs as a program on your PC. It will read your Twitter status every so many minutes and post the latest status to your LinkedIn account, as the "status text" in your LinkedIn profile.

Please be aware that if you are actively logged in to LinkedIn, you may not see your automatic status updates yourself. To check the updates, sign out and sign back in again. Twits shorter than ten characters may not always show up immediately.
To run the program: right click, then select "Open With ... Java". If you don't check "save passwords", the program will start with a login window next time. If you check "save passwords" it will not show a user interface at startup so you can run it as a service.
Before installing this software, you should have Sun's java runtime environment (jre) installed. You can download the JRE for your operating system at Sun's website.
Download Twitli Beta (linux)
Download Twitli Beta (linux 64 bits)
Download Twitli Beta (mac)
Download Twitli Beta (windows)

If you want to run the program with no user interface - like on a server, or automatically at system startup: instructions.
If you don't want to download and install the application, you can enter your account info here and have our bot update your status every 15 minutes.